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We Are Community Care Project

A Faith-Based, Non-Profit Organisation

  • Our Vision

    Community Care Project exists to see the establishment of a holistic and practical approach for prevention of the spread of HIV/Aids, care for those infected and affected or made vulnerable by the disease, becoming a vehicle for breaking the silence surrounding the disease as well as manage and reduce its effects.

  • Our Mission

    CCP provides families with the tools they need to be empowered to manage HIV and AIDS in their communities through church and community based interventions and holistic care that create hope for the future.

  • Our History

    CCP, a faith based organisation, was founded in 1999 with the purpose of assisting communities to deal with HIV and AIDS that connoted shame, stigma and discrimination at the time. In doing this, CCP was also able help break the silence around the disease to enable the families manage the disease.

    CCP has since 2007 partnered with the various Secondary Schools, with CCP focussing on interventions aimed at providing services to help the school, especially learners, increase their knowledge and understanding of HIV and AIDS and selecting and providing care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Youth (OVCY) and their Families.

  • Our Core Values

    CCP Core Values include having a heart to serve and care for the community in ensuring the following:

    • Accessibility, Availability and Accountability,
    • Collaboration, Social justice, Equality, Integrity, Professionalism in delivery of services,
    • Leadership development and Growth, Quality, and Sustainability of community interventions

Contact Us

11 Jabu Ndlovu Street
South Africa, 3201

(+27) 033 394 3351

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