Community Care Project

Meet the Team

"A great leader instills hope for success and empowers the team to accomplish goals. A great leader together with the team have to strive to become better, for everything around to become better too."

– Terence Matimelo –

"There is true worth in seeing where we are and where we want to be but how can we know we are on track if we don't measure our progress?"

– Dorcas Munhuweyi –

"Understanding various leadership approaches and styles is essential for leaders to enhance their effectiveness. This knowledge enables leaders to grasp the reasons behind their actions and adapt their leadership styles strategically based on different situations."

– Sibongile Nzuza –

"An effective leader is the one that motivates the followers, and they walk the talk. Dedication is an art of an effective leader who sees potential in every human being as the sky has no limit"

– Christine Chingondole–